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Claudie Jobard, Les Cloux Premier Cru 2013 Rully

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Complete bargain' were the last two words I wrote when I tasted a cask sample of Claudie Jobard, Les Cloux Premier Cru 2013 Rully en primeur earlier this year. Immediately followed by VVGV, for very, very good value, in case the message wasn't clear.

So I have been patiently waiting for the wine to be bottled and on the market before writing about it and its impressive producer, Claudie Jobard (pictured).

Had I known Jobard's background when I met her very briefly at that London tasting, I would have had so many questions for a woman who trained as an oenologist and whose family business is Pépinières Jobard, which has been propagating and selling vines in Rully for the last 60 years.

The word pépinière brings a rush of memories – I had to learn to pronounce pépinieriste to talk about my family in French oral exams at school, although my father grew tomatoes not vines.) She is probably tired of people pointing out that her mother Laurence Jobard was head winemaker at Joseph Drouhin for many years but since it is mentioned on her information-rich website, I am sure she is still proud of the fact. Her father, Roger Jobard, established the family's Rully vineyards in the 1970s. The photo below shows father and daughter in the vine nursery just after the plants had been grafted in May of last year for sale in the following November to April.

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